Saturday, January 21, 2017


Why not Ban Jallikattu? Why is it seen such a big thing? Is cruelty a tradition? Don’t we have better work to do?
Do We? What better work than ensuring a better and healthier life for our future generation?

Well, I totally understand when someone questions and I don’t blame.. we have got so used to ignoring/tolerating things and that there are even bigger issues which need to be realized before it is too late. For me, being someone who wants to understand traditions and more over who cares for our future generation, wanted to spread this awareness on why it is not just an issue for Jallikattu or one Tradition/Group but for each & every one across the World!!

To begin with, have you ever questioned yourself on;
       -         Why do you Earn?
              For a Better & Healthier living? Yea, all of us agree.
       -         So how do you get a Healthier living?
              With Good food & habits? Yea, again all of us agree.
       -         So what is a Good/Healthy food?
              Grown Organic? Without pesticides/mutation? Hell yea, all of us agree.
       -         So what have you done to ensure that you get that healthy food? Other than buying it for that extra price?
              …. thinking?!?!?! still thinking?!?! Really Appreciate if you are one of those few who is doing something.
       -         Alrite, why is that healthy food expensive? Which grows/grown naturally without the costlier chemicals?
              …. again thinking?!?!

Ok let us move-on.. Do you know;
       -         What was the percentage of people with Diabetes & other neurological disorders before two generations? Why our generation even the new born are with so much of issues?
       -         Why does even our foreign pets have so much of complications that they for sure need a veterinary doctor & sophisticated food? Weren’t there pets before two generations?
              Answer is simple, our ignorance and tolerance of accepting everything happening around until it directly impacts us and our loved ones!!

And, do you realize all your hard earned money is going into the hands of few families who are running the world under the name of corporates?
             If you think it is a just a false conspiracy, then it is high-time you start seeing and understanding things happening around for real.

So to the problem, why corporates are so interested in getting into our tradition and getting rid of native breeds?
            Again simple, if you are healthy will you get any medicine or spend on treatments? So to make you unhealthy, can you be poisoned directly?!?! So what else, take you out of your roots and make you used to the fancy foodies/lifestyle. They are the Cause & They are the Cure!!
            It is a similar route they are taking to get rid of our native breed dogs, which now are termed street dogs and killed in masses. Remember, those dogs will eat our food and never demanded a pedigree. Now with our native breeds on streets, we have all these foreign breeds in our home sharing our beds. In fact in few places cared more than their children!!

Now on Jallikattu.. have you heard about A1 & A2 Milk?!?!
         -         A1 genetic mutation; causes a range of serious health issues, including heart disease, type 1 diabetes, autism, PCOS [what is] and other aggravating neurological disorders.
                  * Sprouts carries more than 20 varieties of milk
         -         A2 natural milk; causes none of the above and in fact immune to type 1 diabetes. And is easily digestible especially for kids. Check at any local store, the cost will be almost double the normal milk.
                  * The a2 Milk Company is on a mission to bring you delicious, nutritious and natural milk

PETA itself claims on its website that "scientific studies have shown that many autistic kids improve dramatically when put on a diet free of dairy foods”. In India, we have and it is still advised to give a single native breed cow milk to babies. It is considered as pure as mother’s milk.

India had 100+ native breeds a century ago and only 37 are left! Hope now it makes it clear, why it is not just an issue for TamilNadu. The reason it is so big in TN is because here the Bulls/Cows are worshipped as Gods, grown as family members and there is even a festival called 'Maatu Pongal'. Even with all this, we lost 1 of our native breeds and left with only 5. We do care about losing our family members and won't allow anymore.

So.. Is Jallikattu safe? Is Cricket Safe? Is Football Safe? Is WWE Safe? Accidents do unfortunately happen but that shouldn’t stop a legacy. Jallikattu is bull embracing, not fighting and it does have Rules & Regulations defined by law. Refer to the below URL for more details on why Jallikattu is required and it’s connect to A2 Milk.

Now for those who still don’t understand the conspiracy, below what has happened after Supreme Court initially declined the plea to ban Jallikattu!
         §  1998 - Govt Notification on PCA with list of Wild Animals!!
         §  2011 - Bull/Cow, the Cattle/Domestic Animal included but not Horse as wanted by corporate!!

         Who in a clear state of mind would include Bull/Cow in a list with Wild Animals? Unless we know what should have happened behind the scenes.

Is only PETA behind this? No, totally 6. Including, Blue Cross and Animal Welfare Board of India. But, let us start with one and then everyone will think twice before interfering into a culture/tradition, else this will continue as how corporates wants it!!
Below a couple of links exposing the real truth on PETA: 

Finally, Why do want to Save your money and not spend it all?
            For your children.. the next generation? Yea, agreed rite.
            So let us do our bit to make sure our next generation gets a better and healthier life!!
            At least, stand with those who fight for our it!!
#WeShouldSupportJallikattu #WeShouldSupportNativity
Itz is not a problem about the native breeds.. Itz a problem about the nation!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Itz Time Not Just To Vote, But For Change!!

It has taken some time, but I am glad that I realized.

Itz just not Me.. Itz Us!!

Being for ourself is no more sufficient, the scope is bigger and we should accept. Our family doesn’t end within the four walls.. Itz our society!!
Chennai floods taught it the hard-way.. made us realize our responsibility towards society and more significantly understand the people whom we have been electing to Rule us all these years!! Wish this had been realized during the Srilankan war, which could have saved millions of our people’s lives and hope, we don’t need another one impacting us directly to understand this even better.
All these years, yea we just had two options and those newly came were also not so appealing. But there is an end for everything.. which is also beginning of something new!!
In a time, where our votes have a tag value with Money & Freebies.. here we have நாம் மிழர் ட்சி!!
Itz just not another Option.. itz the Solution.

NTK, I feel is the need of the hour and they have proved their passion with their first of itz kind Election Manifesto. Click here, if you haven’t had a chance to check it.

Even though few of the proposals might look over-ambitious, it is what is required!! Itz high-time we realize the loss of our natural resources and we need to be aggressive, else we will lose them forever. And it is just not the resources, it is also our identity which is at stake.

It is not possible for every one of us to be active in politics to talk for us & our society, but we can for sure make the right selection to represent us.

NTK is indeed making a silent revolution, results which might-not be quite evident in 2016 election and hope it is not very far, where it will be too late to correct the mistakes & wrong-doings. Itz the leader who marches the troops in right direction, in-turn doing the right things.
Please think before you Vote!! We want the one who cares for our people, our family, our home & not their people, their family, their home..

Voting is just not that 5mins.. Itz the next 5yrs!!


And to wrap-it.. itz a kind request!! Really appreciate if you can help and show your support.

Most of our NTK Candidates are from a very ordinary back-ground and contesting the election for our society. Hence, looking for financial support to drive the election campaign against the two big giants.

If you are willing to support, please let me know.. you will be able to do direct deposit into the Candidate’s account. Either your constituency or wherever itz required.

In other case, below the official link;